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  • Creation of structured sales pipeline, eliminating duplicates and improving visibility
  • Ability of sales team to focus on communicating with prospects at the right time with the right message
  • Doubled number of prospects that progress to a closed sale
  • Marketing campaign lead time reduced from a week or more to one to two days



Before turning to Marketo, the sales and marketing efforts of Enspire Learning a leading provider of management development simulations and custom learning solutions—were primarily a random combination of webinars, bulk email blasts and lead capture, which were dumped into their CRM system. The leads typically remained static in the database and passed arbitrarily to the sales team who had no context on where the leads originated and where the prospects were in the buying cycle. Duplicate leads also plagued the organization, further reducing productivity. Enspire Learning needed an easy-to-use marketing automation solution that was accessible to the marketing, sales and executive teams and that could provide visibility into the entire sales pipeline.



Within two months of purchasing Marketo, the marketing team was at a point where they could fully create all the marketing campaigns and prospect lists they needed. The Marketo solution has provided Enspire Learning with a marketing automation platform that brings structure to the company’s sales pipeline. The marketing and sales team can now agree as to what constitutes a legitimate lead, the various prospect stages, and the thresholds for engaging leads. Marketing and sales can also monitor leads as they move from one stage to the next, offering a better understanding of how prospects progress through their pipeline. Duplicates are prevented from entering the system and automated follow-ups ensure that no new leads fall through the cracks.



The key benefit that Enspire Learning has realized since deploying the Marketo solution is real-world metrics and analytics. That is, the marketing and sales teams can view all the activities that led up to a conversation with a prospect, gauge which activities were the most productive, and repeat these actions in order to move prospects along the pipeline and towards a sale. In addition, the sales force can now focus on communicating with the right people at the right time in the buying process. As a result, the number of prospects that make it to the latter stages of the pipeline has more than doubled, which is projected to have a substantial impact on actual revenues. Further, email blasts, webinars and other events, which used to take a week or more to put together, now take one to two days with Marketo.