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  • Exceeded marketing revenue goals by 120%
  • Launched marketing campaigns 4Xs faster
  • Increased lead generation by 50%
  • Rolled out Marketo in North America and EMEA



Enghouse Interactive is a leading software technology provider of customer interaction tools and services to thousands of customers worldwide. They provide contact centers, attendant consoles, IVR, and call recording solutions that support telephony environments onsite and in the cloud. However, during the great recession when resources were tight, Enghouse’s marketing realized they needed to prioritize their resources, and one of the best ways to do that was to use technology to do more with less and begin to look at marketing leads and contributed pipeline revenue. Enghouse began using an email service provider, but soon recognized that it needed a scalable automated marketing platform that could be applied to its global operations as well as its acquisitions.



Four years ago, Enghouse implemented Marketo in North America, and as Enghouse grew by acquisition, the intuitive nature of Marketo rapidly allowed regional marketing teams to adopt the platform for their marketing initiatives. By taking advantage of Marketo’s smart lists, cloning campaigns, and integration, Enghouse has been able to launch campaigns 4X faster. With universal integration, Enghouse’s team has been able to hone in on highly qualified leads, giving sales a significant head start in connecting with customers. Enghouse has found Marketo to be a proactive partner that anticipates what their needs are to maintain future growth and scalability. Every year, Enghouse has adopted Marketo’s latest products like Revenue Cycle Analytics, which has offered hard metrics for proving marketing’s direct impact on opportunities and revenue. And when other companies didn’t have an inclination of how to use social media for B2B channels, Enghouse was able to pave the way using Marketo’s dynamic social marketing initiatives. Ultimately, Marketo’s constant improvements have driven Enghouse’s easy decision to stick with Marketo year in and year out.



With Marketo, Enghouse has consistently exceeded goals for lead generation, which has grown from 25% to 50% a year. Marketo has enabled Enghouse to think strategically about how it budgets its marketing dollars and to validate the programs that are producing the best results. Moreover, by the second year of using Marketo, Enghouse achieved 120% of the marketing team’s revenue generation goal. These solid metrics have been extremely important in substantiating marketing’s influence on revenue, pipeline and the overall funnel, allowing Enghouse’s marketing team to drive important decisions that affect the entire organization positively. As Enghouse’s Director of Marketing, Bruce Petillo explains, “Marketo’s like an onion. There're so many different layers, the deeper you go, the more integrated you get with your customers and your prospects. We’re four years into this now, and we keep getting deeper and deeper into customer interaction, which builds a relationship and helps drive new business.”