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DNA Response

It's important to give clients confidence in our platform, both for eCommerce and for marketing directly to consumers. With Marketo, we build that confidence and have a great impact on client retention.

dna response photo of dennis palmer responsable en chef du marketing Dennis Palmer
Senior Marketing Manager
DNA Response


  • Scaled with Marketo's easy, intuitive interface and expanded its number of users, without requiring additional resources
  • Implemented groundbreaking API to boost both B2B and B2C sales, increasing topline revenue
  • Created email campaigns that capture valuable lead data, with 25% - 30% open rates and 15% click through rates
  • Quickly and effectively reduced shopping-cart abandonment and increased sales of time-sensitive product replenishment, building client confidence in DNA’s platform



DNA Response is an innovative turnkey solution for consumer product manufacturers to market, sell and distribute directly to consumers through diverse online channels including online marketplaces, custom e-stores, direct response TV, home shopping networks, deal sites and social marketing. Their service allows clients to have dashboard visibility into advertising, processing, payment and fulfillment of orders through all online channels. Their business model is based on pay for performance—if they don’t sell anything, they don’t get paid. Consequently, the marketing tools they provide clients must be exceptional. Previously, DNA Response used an out-of-the-box email tool that didn’t have engineering support or the ability to integrate with their customer databases. DNA needed an automated marketing platform that was scalable, intuitive to use and that offered advanced API for both the B2B and B2C lines of their business.



DNA response chose Marketo because it provides unsurpassed scalability. Their Senior Marketing Manager, Dennis Palmer, knew from experience that he could train people of all different levels of technical ability how to use Marketo in about an hour. DNA’s integration of Marketo to Salesforce.com and customer databases was flawless and immediately produced tremendous ROI in terms of time saved on laborious manual processes. In addition to using Marketo in a traditional B2B mode for recruiting their own new clients, DNA is also inventively applying Marketo’s API to integrate with their customer database in order to conduct direct to consumer marketing. DNA Response worked closed with Marketo’s professional services team to build out a very dynamic system that creates and effectively exploits B2C opportunities. For example, DNA Response captures consumer email addresses when their customer processes an initial sale. Many clients have products that need replenishment after a set amount of time. With Marketo, they’re able to send email reminders after a prescribed interval. As Dennis Palmer explains, “With Marketo, we target the right message, to the right person at the right time and the result is significant increases of sales for our clients.” DNA Response also uses Marketo’s flexible API to sell products directly to consumers through affiliates and through affiliate networks. Without this capability, DNA would be required to manually send an unsubscribe list to over 400,000 affiliates—which, of course, would not be possible. They’ve also been able to flag shopping cart abandonment and to recover lost sales. DNA orchestrates this solution with Marketo so swiftly that clients are extremely impressed with the increased revenue results, and, in turn, have built trust and confidence in DNA’s platform.



With Marketo, DNA Response drives revenue creatively and effectively. They are consistently homing in on what works best for their B2B marketing initiatives and B2C channels. Their marketing team is excited by the immediate results they obtain with Marketo in direct consumer campaigns. They watch deliverability rates and often experiment with different variations of content, storing up a bank of data on A/B testing. They’ve also garnered client goodwill by creating valuable customer databases and sharing these with their clients—something other ecommerce platforms withhold. By developing promotional offers with the Marketo Mining Page, DNA Response is able to capture personal information very effectively, with email open rates of 25% - 30% and click through rates of 15%. Ultimately, they’ve been able to ingeniously leverage its use of Marketo’s API to increase client revenues. DNA Response is very pleased with the ROI they’ve seen thus far, and they know that whatever new application they can invent, Marketo’s flexible solutions will be right there to ensure it’s implemented effectively to boost client revenue.