• Native integration with Salesforce creates huge time-savings and maintains data integrity
  • Performance metrics for each stage of the funnel
  • Automate marketing operations to focus on higher value opportunities



DialogTech helps marketers identify which of their programs will make the phone ring and then helps them convert those phone calls into paying customers. Before Marketo, DialogTech was utilizing a marketing automation solution that lacked flexibility and wasn’t scalable with the company’s growth. In addition, the solution’s sync to Salesforce would routinely wreak havoc, creating duplicate leads that had to be manually cleaned up which often meant an entire day or more was lost to housekeeping just to get back to normal. The solution also offered little reporting capabilities and limited insight into which programs were creating leads, revenue, and ROI. DialogTech wanted a solution that would allow them to tailor programs around a lead nurturing campaign, sync seamlessly with Salesforce and offer easy and robust reporting. DialogTech chose Marketo. 



Because their previous contract was close to ending, DialogTech needed a quick implementation of the Marketo solution. “A tight timeframe is a scary proposition when so much of the day-to-day in marketing is dependent on your marketing automation tool--email marketing, landing pages, the things that sort of keep the lights on,” says Steve Griffiths, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at DialogTech. Marketo was able to get DialogTech’s core functionality up and running in under a month and Marketo’s native sync with Salesforce has meant the end of time wasted undoing errors. When a sales rep creates a lead in Salesforce, it automatically syncs to Marketo and is added to the nurturing campaign. 


DialogTech has leveraged Marketo to run automated email campaigns and easily clone templates while collecting reporting and timely sales alerts, things that used to be manual and time-consuming. DialogTech’s marketing group can now focus on creating programs to expand marketing into new channels, focus on their strategy and not worry about babysitting their marketing automation tool. “Marketo just works!” says Griffiths.

“With Marketo, we can automate a significant portion of the operations side so we have time to venture into new channels and explore new strategies. Plus, we have the data -- and not just top level metrics like email opens, clicks and views -- but also middle of funnel metrics such as registrations for webinars or conversions on landing pages. We also get bottom of funnel metrics such as closed deals, accounts, revenue, and ROI. So we can now show the impact and success of every part of the funnel, which means we can identify where there is friction in the process and fine tune it for better results,” adds Griffiths.