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  • 3X campaigns running within one month of Marketo
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Robust reporting to drive business strategy



CrownPeak is a web experience management platform that allows digital marketers to launch websites quickly while giving them full control over their content-driven digital experiences across multiple touch points. Before Marketo, CrownPeak used a marketing automation solution but the solution wasn’t scalable with company growth. Campaigns and programs required constant baby-sitting as technical issues were constant. “Something wouldn’t post or leads had to be manually routed to the CRM. I was logged in constantly and up at midnight to make sure everything was ready to launch at 9:00,” explains Christopher Im, Marketing Coordinator at CrownPeak. CrownPeak was looking to become more sophisticated in their initiatives and campaigns, but the previous solution lacked the capabilities necessary to accomplish those goals. CrownPeak recognized the need for a solution that was robust enough to meet their requirements  and scalable to the growing business, as well as one that shared their vision of centralizing on the customer and enabling the marketer. They chose Marketo for the seamless Salesforce CRM integration, its robust reporting capabilities, ease of use and Marketo’s integration with a host of tools and technologies to help create better, more sophisticated capabilities for marketers.



Leveraging one of Marketo’s Launch Point Partners, LeadMD, CrownPeak was able to launch Marketo 60 days after signing the agreement. The easy integration between Marketo and the Salesforce CRM has already helped create alignment between sales and marketing. Sales now has access to exactly what has been sent by marketing, so they can have relevant, timely conversations with leads and customers. With Marketo, CrownPeak is also working to create sophisticated scoring and nurturing tactics in order to hand off better, more relevant leads to sales. Marketo enables CrownPeak to run complex reports, utilizing functions such as progression statuses so the company has access to reporting that wasn’t available in their previous solution. Utilizing Marketo’s training videos, CrownPeak was launching email campaigns in Marketo immediately. The Marketo community provides CrownPeak with ideas on how to engage with customers as well as thought leadership around centralizing business processes around the customer.


In one month since implementing Marketo, CrownPeak has been able to triple the number of campaigns that they are running simultaneously. Where a webinar took an entire day to set up in the previous solution, Marketo’s cloning capabilities and ease of use means it can now be done in under two hours. “When my boss asks if we can run three different pieces in the month of April, I can say yes because with Marketo, I can set up all three in a single day and I don’t have to worry about whether things are breaking or not being posted,” says Im. With the extra time, Im can focus on strategy and providing more meaningful reporting to drive business decisions.

“Whether it’s web hooks, engagement programs or something through a flow or a smart list, I can do it with Marketo. The solution’s flexibility means we can run more sophisticated campaigns smoothly and easily, and the efficiency means I can focus on creating quality content and strategizing about the different programs to run, and the nurturing streams we should create. The sky’s the limit; it’s all possible with Marketo,” adds Im.