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  • Ten-fold increase in productivity of marketing assets being created
  • Ability to deliver more innovative marketing solutions based on granular results
  • Lowered cost of customer acquisition
  • Higher quality leads for sales team based on a profile of individual prospects
  • Ability to deliver ROI on all digital and inbound marketing
  • Access to Marketo LaunchPoint™ ecosystem of marketing solutions for more innovative campaign deployment



The Creation Agency is a UK-based marketing agency specialising in B2B sales and demand generation for IT clients. Rather than just reporting on soft metrics, such as impressions or traffic, the company wanted to find a means of better measuring campaign activity at a more granular level for the marketing and lead generation campaigns it runs on behalf of clients. 



Creation implemented Marketo to deliver greater insight into campaign performance, campaign comparisons and how specific marketing assets perform in the market. 


“At a high level, Marketo has allowed us to be a catalyst for change and deliver more innovative marketing solutions because we can now see in great detail, what works and what doesn’t work for clients,” said Jason Burrows, Co-founder of Creation. “At a more tactical level, it’s also enabling us to deliver higher quality leads to our sales team based on a profile of individual prospects. It’s also driving down our cost of customer acquisition.  Historically our cost per lead for telemarketing has always been around $600, which is about a rate of .7 leads per day. With Marketo, we’re able to start driving that number down, depending on the type of program we’re doing. Our ultimate target is to get that down to $200 and deliver ROI on all our digital and inbound marketing. The ease of use and productivity benefits have enabled us to gain a ten- fold increase in the amount of communications that go out the door just by implementing Marketo.”

Creation is also leveraging the Marketo LaunchPoint™ ecosystem of marketing solutions for more innovative campaign deployment.

“Although we initially started using Marketo to fix a problem around hard metrics and insight, it’s really becoming a more pervasive part of our culture,” concluded Burrows. “With Marketo, we use specific marketing assets within a campaign because we know that it works and can prove it, rather than having the mindset of doing something because we’ve always done it or think we should be doing it.”