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  • Improved marketing productivity
  • Ability to lead score and track prospects through the sales pipeline
  • Sales and marketing team alignment and collaboration
  • Tight integration with



Prior to Marketo, CPP— a world leader in personality, career, and organizational development assessments—had another marketing automation system. However, the system lacked tight integration and lead scoring was non-existent requiring marketing to build a scoring module from scratch. Marketing campaigns required a substantial amount of time and energy from the marketing department, forcing them to constantly involve IT. Further synchronization between the marketing automation system and the database would take hours, leaving the sales force at a disadvantage in terms of access to up-to-date customer and prospect information.



With Marketo installed, CPP launched their first marketing campaign within a month. During the first two-and-a-half months of implementing Marketo, CPP deployed lead scoring, set up their go-to-meeting integration, completed a webinar, and built their certification programs into Marketo. CPP is rolling out Marketo across three business units and expects to shorten the sales cycle substantially. Integration between Marketo and was launched within hours and is now completely seamless.



With Marketo, CPP increased their marketing bandwidth and are now able to efficiently launch and manage campaigns, programs, and events. In addition, the marketing and sales teams are integrated and together, they can track prospect behavior, know whom to call, and perform accurate lead scoring. Sales reps also now have the ability to follow up with prospects on a regular, timely basis. With Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, marketing can see how specific programs are impacting sales and revenues.