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  • Marketing sourced revenue has more than doubled in 1.5 years and its contribution to total revenue has increased 72%
  • Launched progressive profiling forms with Marketo’s intuitive interface, eliminating Conductor’s dependency on Java script programming by expensive 3rd party consultants
  • Implemented nurturing campaigns that have helped meet aggressive MQL goals by adding over 25% of the MQLs from existing & previously inactive/non-responsive leads
  • Seamlessly integrated with, creating huge resource efficiencies as well as ensuring the quality of the lead database
  • Implemented SLAs with email alerts for Marketing Qualified leads, increasing conversion rates
  • Validated marketing decisions and strategy with solid metrics and sophisticated reporting



Conductor is the industry leader in providing SEO technology to enterprise marketers, helping companies increase natural search rates, monitor competitive market share and improve revenue., Siemens, Autodesk and GE all rely on Conductor’s innovative technology and cloud solutions to measure and enhance natural search traffic. A few years back, Conductor installed and configured a legacy-based automated marketing platform, but it found problems with the integration from the outset. As web presence increased, the number of leads that weren’t synching with grew over 1000% in 9 months. The system was plagued with bugs, and the vendor was unresponsive on many issues. Moreover, the platform was difficult to use, and the sales and success teams required constant assistance to manage the system—even for basic tasks like changing out email addresses. Conductor knew there had to be a better way to do business and started looking for a platform that was intuitive to use and that offered real business value.



After extensive research, Conductor chose Marketo for its ease of use, integration with, and exceptional out-of-the-box features. Conductor integrated Marketo into their website, CRM, Drupal CSM, event applications, and form templates. Conductor was thrilled to be launching campaigns after 3 weeks and immediately noticed enormous gains in efficiency and productivity across departments. True WYSIWYG LP and email editors enable Conductor’s marketing, success, and sales teams to launch campaigns without any HTML revision. In addition, the teams make the most of Marketo’s templates for rapid and agile asset creation. Marketo’s seamless, universal integration assures that Conductor’s database is kept up-to-date and that content is always high quality—without any duplicated email addresses or content. Once more, Conductor has been very tactical in integrating Marketo with Drupal to maximize the benefits of natural search and PPC. At tradeshows, Conductor has streamlined registration with the Marketo iPad event application. Conductor’s marketing team finds great help and ideas in Marketo’s online Community and Regional User Groups, and no longer needs to engage third-party consultants to deliver basic functionality.



Conductor has doubled its database in a year and half and attributes revenue increases in part to Marketo. Leveraging Marketo’s integration, Conductor has enhanced synergies between its marketing and sales teams. As a result, campaigns are out the door faster and real-time visibility into the buyer’s journey allows sales to hone in on the best opportunities at the right time. By focusing on event triggers like SLAs and other important indicators of prospect behavior, Conductor has greatly increased conversion rates. Conductor’s Director of Marketing appreciates how Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Analytics provides him with solid metrics to evaluate his quarterly strategic marketing decisions. Marketo’s unique revenue cycle modeler and robust reports yield valuable insights into where Conductor can seek future opportunities. As a leading provider of organic search technology, Conductor clearly knows how to make smart choices regarding revenue generation, and Marketo is thrilled to be part of their overall business strategy. As Conductor grows, Marketo is committed to ensuring Conductor’s future success with the most innovative technology, functionality and service we have to offer.