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New lead conversion in 6 months


Average sale value when part of a lead nurturing campaign


  • 480% increase in new lead conversion in 6 months of using Marketo
  • Average sale value up 255% when part of a lead nurturing campaign
  • Email marketing now 2nd highest revenue generator of all online activities
  • Marketo lead nurturing one of the highest conversion rates of all online activities


Comvita is a global, natural health company with a vision for preventative and holistic health. Prior to Marketo, Comvita used a content management system with a built-in email tool, which allowed them to send emails and determine if those emails had been read. Unfortunately, it did little else. Comvita had no way to differentiate between a new lead, someone who had purchased from Comvita before, and those who were already loyal customers. Every contact received the same content--a monthly promotional email. In addition, the previous solution was not user-friendly, making communications difficult to send and it offered almost no insights. Comvita couldn’t even identify their most loyal customers. Because the holistic health industry requires a great deal of communication to educate consumers about the science and credibility of products, the previous solution put Comvita at a distinct disadvantage. A small marketing team with a limited budget, Comvita wanted to reach a wide range of people in a tailored, specific and timely way. Comvita sought a solution that would be easy to implement and extremely user-friendly as well as one that could be rolled out globally. While many solutions were designed for either B2B or B2C, Marketo did both. In addition, Marketo was easily scalable to the global business, easy to use and provided the rich insight Comvita needed.


Comvita was able to implement Marketo and send out their first campaign in about six weeks. The first focus was simple: lead generation and sale. With Marketo, Comvita was able to identify that their average conversion time was three months, long for a B2C customer. Comvita leverages Marketo to speed the process with nurturing streams and more targeted, specific content. With Marketo, Comvita knows whether customers are likely to purchase again, how soon and can talk to customers about the products they are interested in. Looking forward, Comvita plans to use Marketo for more sophisticated programs and segmentation. With Marketo, Comvita’s small marketing team is easily running twelve nurture streams in the background while also running specific programs and campaigns.


In only six months of using Marketo’s nurturing streams, Comvita has seen a 480% increase in new lead conversion and a 255% increase in sale value when leads are exposed to nurture. Email marketing at Comvita is now the second highest revenue generator of all their online activities and Marketo lead nurturing has one of the highest conversion rates for online activities. Recently, Comvita ran a lead generation campaign across Australia, USA and New Zealand and gathered approximately 7,000 leads.

With Marketo, Comvita has also reduced the time to purchase by four days. Comvita revenue conversion rate continues to trend upward since implementing Marketo. Last month, Comvita achieved an increase of 105% in revenue conversion for the new lead mentoring stage and a 35% rise for the new customer stage. Comvita’s open rate on their latest Marketo based campaign was above industry average at 21.1%, showing strong engagement with the Comvita brand and the campaign, while their unsubscribe rate remained very low at 1.2%.