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Marketo has been hugely successful for us. We’re getting more qualified leads than ever before and our revenue has gone through the roof. The impact of Marketo is amazing, and we’re just getting started.

cartelligent photo of jessica carstens responsable marketing Jessica Carstens
Marketing Manager


  • Increased overall leads by 8% and qualified leads are up 17% from same period in 2012
  • 51% more Lease Portfolio Program leads to date than all of 2012 and revenue up 171%
  • Marketing spend on Google Adwords down by 50%
  • Open and click-through rates up 10%
  • Client satisfaction up 5% to 95%



Cartelligent helps clients throughout California have an easy, enjoyable experience buying or leasing any make or model new car. Cartelligent’s services include: consulting, locating, negotiating, trade-ins, delivery, and aftermarket products. Before Marketo, Cartelligent did very little outbound marketing, instead focusing on incoming leads either from repeat customers or through referrals. The company used an email service provider to send a newsletter approximately three times a year. Without an automated solution, leads had to be manually created, which proved to be time-consuming and were somewhat sporadic. 

Although Cartelligent tracked when leases were ending for existing clients, the company lacked an automated process for reaching out to lease-holders so opportunities to help customers find a new car at the end of a lease often fell through the cracks. They also wanted to keep in touch with clients to remain top of mind for their next car purchase and increase referrals. Cartelligent invested in Google Adwords but had little data about which leads were generated through Google, what keywords customers had searched for, and what the final outcome was for each lead. Cartelligent sought a solution to provide insight on marketing spend, increase lead volume and help drive revenue. The company investigated several marketing automation solutions. Impressed by the features, templates, and scalability, Cartelligent chose Marketo. 



Within two weeks of selecting Marketo, Cartelligent was able to sync Marketo with Salesforce.com and have the solution up and running. With Marketo, Cartelligent can do regular, targeted marketing and leverage a regular newsletter to keep Cartelligent top of mind for car buyers. In addition, Cartelligent no longer misses the opportunity to help customers find a new car when an existing lease is ending. Using Marketo, they’ve developed a Lease Portfolio Program, where a lead is automatically generated for each maturing lease and an email is sent to the appropriate Account Executive for follow up. “We launched the automatic lead generation for the Lease Portfolio Program leads in April and the results so far have been phenomenal,” says Jessica Carstens, Marketing Manager for Cartelligent. Marketo is also helping Cartelligent build a presence through social media with an automated campaign that sends a survey to every client after a car is delivered and emails the results to Account Executive and their Branch Managers. If the client rates the experience favorable, a second email asks them to like Cartelligent on Facebook and to write a review on Yelp.

Cartelligent also leverages Marketo to save marketing dollars. Using Marketo to track individual leads that come through Google Adwords by a variety of different parameters such as keyword or landing page, the company can then cut costs by eliminating keywords that are not directly driving revenue. 



The results from Marketo have been impressive. Cartelligent’s year-to-date Lease Portfolio Program revenue is up 171% and they already have 51% more Lease Portfolio Program leads than over the full-year 2012. With Marketo, Cartelligent’s newsletter open rate is up 10% as is the newsletter’s click-through-rate. New inquiries from returning clients have grown 14%, client satisfaction has increased 5% to 95%, and Cartelligent is seeing almost twice as many Yelp reviews each month, resulting in double the amount of leads from Yelp. Equally impressive, Cartelligent has actually cut their spend on Google Adwords by 50% while increasing lead quantity, quality and revenue.

“Marketo has been hugely successful for us,” explains Carstens. “I have Account Executives stopping by my office all the time, telling me how great Marketo is, thanking me for bringing it on. It’s hard to argue with the results. We’re getting more qualified leads than ever before, and our revenue has gone through the roof. The impact of Marketo is amazing, and we’re just getting started.”