• Shortened sales cycle
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved marketing productivity



CareCloud manages secure, cloud-based software and services for medical groups. Traditionally, the healthcare industry has utilized an older marketing model, one that relies on in-person meetings. CareCloud wanted to leverage online channels to shift their strategy, but they lacked the tools to segment their database. Because messaging wasn’t targeted, the same message went to every lead. In addition, there was no insight into what leads were doing with the content CareCloud was providing. The company recognized the need for a solution to help deliver targeted content and tools that physicians and their staff need and to help CareCloud build those relationships. CareCloud chose Marketo for its powerful marketing automation and robust analytics. 



With Marketo, CareCloud can deliver targeted content to engage physicians and their staff remotely and more quickly, something that was not possible using the traditional marketing model. The easy segmentation feature in Marketo means CareCloud can provide the most relevant and timely content to contacts to drive conversations and build relationships across multiple digital channels. Because CareCloud can now automate lead nurturing, the marketing team can focus on building the most effective campaigns. To accomplish this, CareCloud leverages the testing features in Marketo to optimize every campaign at every stage.

With content already loaded into the solution, the sales team can easily engage with customers by sending a white paper, a webinar video or other content right from Marketo. Sales is also leveraging Marketo’s Sales Insight to increase effectiveness and productivity with immediate visibility into lead activities. Marketo’s online community offers quick answers to questions and suggestions from other users to help CareCloud maximize their results from the solution.



With Marketo, CareCloud is accelerating their sales cycle, shaving an average of a week off of their sales cycle. The templates in Marketo enable CareCloud to set up a new event, landing page or email in minutes instead of hours, saving the company valuable time and helping increase marketing productivity. By arming the sales team with content that is highly specific and relevant to each individual doctor or office manager, CareCloud has also seen an increase in conversion rates.

“With the tools in Marketo, we can grow the top of the funnel in a more intelligent way then nurture and educate leads better and pass the right leads to sales. Marketo has helped us shave about a week off our sales cycle in the last year,” explains Shawn McKee, Senior Manager of Content Marketing for CareCloud.