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  • Real-time access to lead activity and behavior
  • Ability to create and refine effective, multi-layered marketing campaigns
  • Ability to flexibly adjust campaigns and themes to drive improved results
  • Integration with their CRM system, increasing transparency between Marketing and Sales
  • Greater alignment between marketing and sales due to higher quality leads and improved sales productivity
  • Streamlined national and regional event planning process



Brinker Capital is an investment management firm that provides customized investment products and services for financial advisors and their clients, who include high-net worth individuals, employers, institutions, endowments and foundations.

With a large lead database of over 10,000 advisors, it was difficult for Brinker Capital to determine which prospects were ready to do business immediately and which ones needed additional nurturing. Also, the existing system could only generate mass email blasts, and could not produce targeted marketing campaigns or provide prospect behavior details. Brinker needed a solution that would enable them to develop and manage targeted marketing campaigns, and produce success results to send to sales and executive management—all of which could be integrated within their CRM,


Following extensive research on several marketing automation products, Brinker Capital selected Marketo based on its ability to create targeted marketing campaigns, track and understand client behavior, and to score and segment their lead database. With Marketo, Brinker can now design their own email templates and build out marketing programs with targeted, multi-layered campaigns. In addition, they are able to determine quickly which campaigns are effective and provide detailed program success reports and analytics to sales and management. Further, they can instantly see what parts of their website are generating the most activity and market to that audience more appropriately, or flexibly adjust their campaigns and themes to drive improved results.



With Marketo, Brinker Capital has been able to make significant progress in terms of marketing their services to their prospects and active advisors in the most effective manner. With Marketo Sales Insight integrated with Salesforce, the sales team can get lead behavioral insight that was not possible with the previous system. For example, they are able to see interesting moments such as whether an advisor attended a webinar Brinker hosted, or whether or not they clicked a link in an email. This has bridged the gap between marketing and sales and made a huge difference in the company’s ability to target their sales and marketing efforts and thus, generate more business. Another major impact Marketo has made is the ability to integrate and streamline Brinker’s entire national and regional event process, which used to be an enormous drain on resources. With Marketo, they have been able to automate the entire process from the initial invitation, to tracking travel information, to triggered confirmation emails, to post-event follow up and Salesforce integration.