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"Marketo provides really robust API’s for pretty much everything we need it to do."

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With its intelligent, data-driven approach, provides 2 million real estate buyers, sellers, and brokers with personalized recommendations from a constantly changing inventory of 10,000+ properties.

While consumers have been able to view real estate listings online for years, Auction. com goes well beyond enabling people to search through listings and review available properties.’s online experience encompasses the full range of real estate interactions, including shopping, bidding, and completing purchases. As Director of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Julia Linker is tasked with ensuring that the company’s two million customers can effortlessly find properties that match their needs. It’s not an easy task because the inventory of 10,000+ properties changes constantly. One of the secrets to success is’s ability to capture robust customer data, apply sophisticated algorithms that identify the best properties for each customer, and leverage Marketo to present highly personalized communications that result in an exceptional customer experience. 


  • Disrupt the real estate industry by bringing the digital experience to customers
  • Leverage data to match each buyer with properties that precisely match their requirements
  • Deliver an exceptional user experience on any device 


Disrupting the Real Estate Industry’s new data-driven digital approach represents a major shift in the real estate industry. wanted to use the digital experience to scale personal touch—keeping customers engaged for the entire lifecycle journey. 

With that in mind, the marketing team combined the profile data on its diverse customer base, which includes major financial institutions, institutional investors, real estate professionals, and individual consumers, with detailed property descriptions in the company’s constantly changing asset inventory to create personalized recommendations. Templates in Marketo seamlessly integrate the recommendations on the fly into highly relevant, mobile-optimized email messages. Customers receive a single email message that lists the properties that match their precise requirements, so doesn’t have to over-contact them.

“Plus we saw a 100% lift in click-through rates and click rates.” 


 Creating a Data-Driven Marketing Organization

Julia and her team knew that marketing needed data to support the success marketing initiatives. With a data-driven approach, the marketing team was armed with reports and metrics to convince stakeholders that automation and personalization would expose more assets, increase user engagement, and improve operational efficiency. The team took an incremental approach and provided metrics at each step to demonstrate success.

"We started with one personalized email campaign and then started adding. Then we expanded recommendations to the website and, ultimately, to our ad modules. With each expansion we saw performance boosts that proved what we knew all along: data enables personalization at scale, which drives engagement and revenue. We’re really proud of the results, and we’re more convinced than ever that personalization is the key—you need to let the data drive your business.”