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  • Significantly increased conversation rates from email campaigns
  • Marketing message control and consistency across all global markets
  • Simultaneously deploy campaigns in multiple languages and time zones
  • Visibility into how email campaigns are contributing to bottom line
  • Ability to customise content to target audience and business cultures
  • Reduced time spent on manual, repetitive tasks, freeing up marketing resource
  • Multi-lingual Marketing Automation enables campaigns to be easily ‘cloned’



AppSense is the leading provider of enterprise workspace management solutions that enable productive, secure workforces across desktop and mobile environments. AppSense works with customers to reduce IT complexity and enable enterprise consumerisation with independent management of the user experience across all devices, applications, and data.

In 2013 the company significantly expanded its product offerings to include leading solutions in enterprise mobility and enterprise file synchronization and sharing. With analyst firm, Gartner, predicting a mobile spending boom in 2013, businesses with a mobile offering are under increased pressure to remain competitive. As such, the company needs to both push and respond to market demand through effective and efficient marketing campaigns with consistent messages across the business.

With several offices across the globe, different business cultures and multiple languages, AppSense needed to ensure all of its global offices were aligned to the same messaging across their own marketing campaigns and operations. The issue of multiple languages, and how messaging and campaigns would be received by different cultures was also a factor, along with the time zone differences of launching simultaneous campaigns.

AppSense was previously using a variety of marketing tools across the board and an outsourced agency for their email marketing. However, the company’s existing marketing tools were hindering efforts to launch timely campaigns.

“The external agency would develop the email in HTML in advance and would send it out for us,” said Adele Cavanagh, Global Campaign Manager, AppSense. “We would have to wait to get statistics back from the agency on each campaign. The process was disjointed and we struggled to react when needed. We had to plan three months in advance to ensure that the data was available and suitable for what we wanted to do, especially in different regions as we were scaling as a company and more people were joining the marketing team.


AppSense realised it needed to automate its marketing processes to help drive the company to its next level of growth.

“The US hired a new VP of Marketing who introduced the concept of marketing automation to our business” said Cavanagh.

Following an in-depth analysis of several solutions, AppSense selected Marketo as its marketing automation platform of choice based on its deep integration with Salesforce CRM and its superior and rich functionality.

“We have marketing teams all over the world and it’s growing by the day. Marketo fitted our needs and has completely revolutionised how we work,” said Cavanagh. ”Marketo offers us the ability to easily scale our operations and provides deep Salesforce CRM integration. We wanted to make sure we could track everything through our CRM system, which included six years’ worth of legacy Salesforce data. All our marketing colleagues can use the system, and all our email and different campaigns are available in the language they need at the right time. We don’t have this juggling act anymore.”

Marketo has provided AppSense with the control and measurability required, and the company was fully deployed and running with its first email campaign within three months. Marketo is now helping AppSense address the challenges of effectively and pro-actively marketing on a global scale.



Due to its feature-led functionality and ease of use, AppSense needed little training to utilise the solution. Offices across the globe can now build their own campaigns in their native language, quickly and easily using readily available templates and fit-for-purpose data fully integrated with their CRM system.

“Marketo’s marketing automation platform supports every region, every language, and every time zone for us. It’s just perfect for global scalability,” said Cavanagh.

Currently, AppSense is marketing to around 16 countries simultaneously, in up to six different languages.

“The cloning feature is really invaluable to us and makes everything a lot easier,” said Cavanagh. ”The German office can pick up an email created in the UK, for example, then clone it, change it, and use it. It really reduces effort. Webinar integration is also perfect and enables us to sync information, create and clone, ready for use across four countries if need be. Since using Marketo, our conversion rates off the back of our email marketing campaigns have been astounding. We are looking forward to utilising even more of the solution on our Marketo journey.”