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Global healthcare and industrial safety leader Ansell transforms marketing with Marketo.  


Marketo drives marketing effectiveness

Founded more than 100 years ago in what is now a craft brewery in Richmond, Melbourne, Ansell (ASX:ANN) is a global leader in healthcare and industrial protection solutions.

In Marketing Director Mitchell Mackey’s opinion, the marketing team at Ansell prior to Marketo’s arrival was very active, but not directly contributing to revenue. Marketing was challenged to measure the effectiveness of its initiatives, events, programs and campaigns.

Mitchell began at Ansell in 2011, where he was faced with a conventionally-structured team which was investing money in traditional channels such as events, trade shows, and trade media, and senior leaders were questioning marketing’s contribution to the business.

The Ansell marketing team decided it was time to implement marketing automation to fundamentally improve lead management, measure effectiveness and drive accountability. To that end, Ansell selected Marketo. The company has now been working with the platform for more than six years, firstly in Australia, followed by the APAC region and now globally. 


  • Measuring consistently against how many of the sales opportunities can be attributed to marketing
  • Understanding how much of Ansell’s recurring revenue is influenced by marketing
  • Proving the value of marketing to sales and senior management 

Success factors

  • All regional and global marketing managers are now committed to Marketo
  • Within Marketo, Ansell now has a global collaboration workspace connected to regional work spaces and lead partitions enabling a unified customer and prospect view
  • Before: ad-hoc collection of email marketing tools. Now: one Marketo platform with one marketing community 



Using data to inform better customer profiles

At Ansell, the marketing team is committed to developing and working with customer personas. With Marketo, they were able to get serious about aligning them to their customer journeys – which Mitchell acknowledges are rarely, if ever, linear.

Marketo’s CRM integration means Ansell is well on the journey to ensuring all primary customer data is in one place. Enabling marketers to be “data-disciplined” in their approach has played a significant role in improving data quality across the organization. 

Through its use of Marketo, Ansell increased its marketing reach and now has a global understanding of its customer database and the relative quality of those records. Email deliverability rates, for example, that were historically poor are now steadily improving across all Ansell regions.

Critically, once a lead or a customer is addressable, Ansell can focus on engagement campaigns, with the goal of transforming prospects into customers and existing customers into loyal customers. 

"Understanding your buyers and their path to purchase – which is usually a zig-zag journey – is the first step to understanding the touchpoints that matter and generating a relevant dialogue. At Ansell, having this renewed focus on our customer journeys and data-driven marketing means we can take full advantage of Marketo’s functionality.” 



Internal communications and change management during digital transformation 

Ansell has a core team globally focused on marketing automation and the Marketo platform has become a contributor to the company’s evolving digital transformation.

Getting employees from across the world to buy in has been crucial. This has required continuous team engagement, encouraging collaboration, sharing, and productivity. Keeping the team motivated, with a focus on momentum and fresh challenges, has resulted in continuously improving adoption and utilization. 

"Marketo’s presence has grown internally. We have now earned credibility and respect within Ansell, because we have the numbers to back us up. We can now engage with our stakeholders, demonstrating how we deliver value and engagement to customers, and continuously collaborate around optimizing our performance. Is the content resonating? Are our customers responding? Before we had Marketo, these were questions we were unable to readily answer. At Ansell, the marketing team has shifted from not contributing – at least in a measureable sense – to now being able to measure our revenue impact.” 

Transforming event management

A clear example of how Ansell has leveraged Marketo has been through the use of the LaunchPoint Ecosystem. Mitchell says LaunchPoint has been a real asset for Ansell, as they use it to identify tools that plug directly into Marketo. Over the past 18 months, Ansell has been working with an event management application company called atEvent that they discovered on LaunchPoint. Prior to that, Ansell had a classic problem of not being able to effectively manage its events, and LaunchPoint has helped standardise event management.

“A Marketo-compatible plug-and-play tool such as atEvent is easy to sell in internally,” notes Mitchell. “A platform like LaunchPoint ensures you are focused on agility. It frees you up from focusing on enabling the tool, implementing it, to actually using the tool.” 

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