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  • Implemented Marketo with zero downtime in sales and marketing
  • Leveraging the solution with minimal training
  • Easily cloning templates for maximum efficiency of content creation
  • Tracking every lead from first marketing touch point



Accela is a software provider that allows government agencies to automate their workflows for citizens and internal staff, making them more efficient and more accessible to citizens. Before Marketo, Accela had a legacy system that had been in place for a number of years. The solution required extensive training to use and multiple people to manage. Accela spent an inordinate amount of time just getting the solution to work. Because Accela has a small marketing team, the result was that they could only use a fraction of the tool, making it expensive to run. Because of its complexity, the solution also included many out-of-date processes and stale and dead leads. Although the solution offered reporting in theory, the work required was so extensive that Accela wasn’t able to obtain ROI metrics. With the contract on their previous solution ending, Accela started looking at other options. Because of the size of their team, Accela recognized the need for a solution that could be leveraged easily, with little training, and would offer Accela functionality they weren’t getting like lead scoring and ease-to-use analytics.




Working under the timeframe of a rebranding launch, Accela was able to roll-out Marketo in three months. With Marketo, Accela can create a single template for an event, webinar, or email, and easily clone it. In addition, the solution is intuitive and easy to learn. “I trained a person last week and he sent out an email two days later. Marketo’s allowing us to do more with less,” explains Alison Mancinelli, Accela’s Campaign and Events Manager. “I went through Marketo’s online training and was able to get into the tool and start working right away,” she adds. In addition, Mancinelli leverages Marketo’s Community for ideas and best practices from other Marketo users. In their rebranding effort, Accela is creating a fresh, new look for their forms and landing pages. With Marketo, there is no need to constantly upload new files because changes can be made easily within the solution. Accela has used Marketo to clean up their database, eliminating some 30,000 contacts that were no longer valid. Rather than spending time simply trying to make a solution work, Accela can focus on having high-quality interactions with customers. 




The biggest win with Marketo has been the ease of the roll-out. Because the company was in the midst of a rebrand, the marketing group kept the Marketo roll-out quiet until after it had been done. “It was so easy that no one even noticed the switchover,” says Mancinelli. “Forms were working, emails were working, and alerts were working. Being able to implement a new solution without any disruption to the office was huge.” Another huge win for Accela is the capability to track new leads as they come into the solution. Each program has a unique identifier so that Accela’s demand generation team can see how every lead came in the door, which campaign they were attached to, and how they moved through the lifecycle, giving the company clear insight into which programs are the most effective.



“We've been a Salesforce customer for many years, but I couldn’t believe how easily Marketo integrated with the CRM. I don’t have to create new fields or go back and edit it if a name changes. The integration side of our previous tool was a pain, and I saw what Marketo and knew it was what we needed. That’s what I say to people who ask me about Marketo--that the integration, especially with Salesforce, is going to make your life so much easier,” adds Mancinelli.