• Installed Marketo in five active Salesforce.com domains in less than three weeks
  • Effectively used data gathered during the online applications process to increase conversions
  • By leveraging Marketo instead of using custom-built templates and drip campaigns, 2U substantially reduced costs of IT support for business and admissions teams
  • Correlated and modeled data to analyze global admissions in innovative ways, generating top-line growth


2U delivers rigorous for-credit graduate and undergraduate courses online. Partnering with top-tier universities like Brandeis, Duke, Emory, and Northwestern, they provide technology and infrastructure to transform on-campus programs into exceptional web-based programs. Previously, 2U was using a number of vendors while creating a patchwork CRM that was riddled with conflicts and labor-intensive customizations. As a result, 2U couldn’t provide the complex data analytics that their admissions required. Additionally, the company’s CTO was often diverting his “awesome” programmers from innovative development to creating templates and drip-email campaigns. 2U needed a smart, powerful marketing platform that could crunch a lot of data, but that was still easy enough to use so that the “business and admissions folks” didn’t need any help from IT.


Marketo’s seamless integration with Salesforce.com made it 2U’s #1 choice for an automated marketing platform. With Marketo, Lucas Cushanick, 2U’s Salesforce Architect, explains, “2U correlates and models data in very creative and dynamic ways, which helps us see our business like we’ve never seen it before.” 2U effectively leverages Marketo’s solutions to analyze conversion paths, track links, RSVPs, and webinars, which enables it to create a “community” where students have their own custom experience during the application process. 2U was enthusiastic about Marketo’s robust online training and community, which they found to be not only informative but lively and well laid out. The result was that the learning curve was substantially reduced, and 2U was able to get their business and admissions teams up and running very quickly on Marketo.


2U had a complex implementation, but with the help of Marketo’s client services, they successfully installed Marketo in five Salesforce.com domains in less than three weeks. 2U’s sales and admissions teams finally have the tools to manage their own campaigns, and the upshot is that 2U’s business analysts and developers now have time to think creatively, rather than dealing with marketing-campaign housekeeping. With Marketo, the company finally has a centralized “platform” that allows its team to work more efficiently, meaningfully and effectively than ever before. Through Marketo, 2U has been able to grow online education exponentially to successfully compete with conventional classrooms for students.