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IT Leaders in Higher Education Adopt a Proven Marketing Solution2
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IT Leaders In Higher Education: Adopt A Proven Marketing Solution

In today’s competitive higher education landscape, running an institution’s technology strategy is no small feat. But perhaps nothing is more pressing than supporting your institution’s mandate to boost student recruitment in an era of declining enrollment and dwindling retention. 

As students are bombarded with marketing messages and advertisements at every turn, traditional recruitment methods are falling flat, missing the mark on providing them with personalized, meaningful interactions.



To support your marketing department, you need a single system of record that serves as a communication backbone, enabling engagement across the entire student lifecycle—from prospective students and parents to alumni.

Download this datasheet to learn how to support a student-centric strategy by incorporating a customer relationship management (CRM) system and an enterprise-grade marketing solution, like Marketo, to capture the 360-degree view of a student.