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How a Good Enough MA Solution Hinders Productivity Marketo
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How a "Good Enough" Marketing Automation Solution Hinders Productivity

If you’re checking out marketing automation solutions, you may be enticed by anything that offers more features than you have today, even if it makes things only a little bit better. But don’t be fooled—there’s a real cost to settling for “good enough.”

“Good enough” marketing automation solutions usually support basic workflows, like creating email campaigns and landing pages. But after you’ve built a flow once or twice, you’ll wish you could do more—and more easily. Complete solutions, on the other hand, offer this level of functionality without making things complicated.

Download this cheat sheet to learn how a complete marketing automation solution trumps a "good enough" solution in several areas, including:

  • Workflows
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • Interfaces
  • Triggers