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Marketing Trend Watch: 2014 Planning Edition

Planning your marketing programs is tough. For many marketers, planning a year’s worth of programs sounds as easy as reading the future in a crystal ball.

So what are the latest trends, tactics, and techniques that marketers are using to plan marketing programs in 2014? To find out, we took a survey of 493 B2B and consumer marketing professionals from companies and teams of all sizes, and with all different levels of technology adoption. We asked each one how they planned, implemented, and analyzed their multi-channel marketing efforts.

Download the results of our survey to find out:

  • How different marketers lay the groundwork for a year's (or a month's) worth of goals, strategies, themes, and tactics
  • How documentation impacts success and satisfaction
  • How multi-channel program execution is affected by marketing automation
  • What marketers look for in an ideal marketing calendar
  • Insights from real marketers on planning mistakes and best practices

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