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Financial Management

A Complete Picture of Marketing Spend

Tracking the spend on all of your programs can be a tactical nightmare. It’s even more challenging if you’re a global organization working in multiple currencies. To stay on budget you need timely and accurate program cost data, so how can you get it?

Financial Management brings plans, forecasts and actuals together into a single system of record, so marketing teams can easily collaborate on budgets, make better spending decisions faster and stay on budget. Executives and marketing operations professionals benefit from a complete picture of marketing spend across teams and regions.

With Financial Management, you can:

  • Plan marketing investments by team, brand or location
  • Forecast spend, measure variance and balance the budget
  • Report on actual spend and compare to plans

As part of the Marketo platform, Financial Management can connect accurate cost data to your Marketo programs for instant ROI reporting in Marketo's Analytics.

Only Marketo combines data aggregation, rich features, best practices and market-leading usability into a web-based budget management product that marketers love to use.

Single System of Record

Now you have a single, web-based system of record for your budgets. No more spreadsheet version control issues, broken formulas or endless guesswork.

MFM screenshot single system record

Built-in Best Practices, Flexible Configuration

Leverage Marketo’s built-in best practices to get better reporting, more accurate forecasts and long-awaited clarity into your marketing spend. Flexible configuration allows you to tailor the system to match your process and terminology.

MFM screenshot best practices flexible

Centralized Budgets and Roll Ups

Organize your marketing investments by team, brand or location. Track the finance target and plan for each cost center. A flexible hierarchy reflects your organization and gives you full visibility at each level with roll ups.

MFM Screenshot centralized budgets

Multi-Currency Support

Empower regional offices to work in their local currency. Automatically convert budgets to a primary currency for global budget oversight and reporting.

MFM screenshot multi currency

Planned, Forecasted and Actual Spend Tracking

Easily answer questions about where spending stands and avoid confusion by using dedicated plan, forecast and actual spend tracking.

MFM screenshot web plan forecast actual

Access Rights and Security

Facilitate collaboration while ensuring security. Access rights determine who can view and edit each individual budget. Your confidential data is safe and secure.

Familiar Spreadsheet-like Interface

Adoption is essential for getting accurate and complete budget data. An intuitive spreadsheet-like design makes it easy to train users and drive adoption.

MFM screenshot web excel like interface

Committed vs. Optional Spending Tags

Tag your forecasted spending so you know what’s committed and what can be moved. Create your own tags to match your process for committed, incurred and optional spend. Filter your budget to quickly answer questions about your spend.

MFM screenshot web forecast

Visual Dashboards and Reports

Easily answer business questions with 50 pre-configured dashboards and reports. View variance across teams or regions instantly. Create custom reports to answer questions on the fly. Export to PDF, so you can print or email reports.

MFM screenshot web dashboard

Target Audience and Objectives

How does your spending align with your strategic plan? Track the objectives, target audiences, products and regions for your marketing spend and report on actual vs. planned spend for each one.

MFM screenshot web Plan by Objective pie chart

Custom Fields

Create your own fields to track the data you need for reporting. Enforce data entry requirements using top-level fields that cascade down to other budgets in the hierarchy. Allow individual regions or budget owners to have their own custom fields without impacting other users.

MFM screenshot web custom fields

Import and Map Actuals and Purchase Orders

Get all of your budget data into a single system. Import actuals from any ERP system or any other data source, such as a corporate credit card. Automatically map invoices and purchase orders all the way down to the line item. Spend less time reconciling invoices and purchase orders and get in sync with finance.

MFM screenshot web actuals and POs

Link to Marketo Programs

Associate your budget line items and categories with your Marketo programs. Your Marketo programs are updated with actual costs automatically, saving you time and reducing errors from double entry. Report on ROI instantly in Analytics.

MFM screenshot link to programs

Budget Data Export

Export your budget data to XLS at any time to share with others or analyze outside of Marketo.

MFM screenshot export to xls
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